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In Another Time, Another Place...

In Another Time, Another Place

So you say you believe in destiny.
And in reason, logic and fate.
So what was it that brought you to me,
only after it was already too late.

If things were different,
I say to myself,
Then things would not be the same,
If only throughout the course of our lives,
We would have been in another time, another place.

Maybe you were born to early,
Or maybe me, too late.
I know i'll move on with my life,
Because we'll never be together, no matter how long i wait.

However there is comfort in knowing,
When i look into your eyes, face to face,
That somehow, someway, we would have been together,
In another time, another place.

This poem is dedicated to my first 'real' love.
even though we cant be together, we will NEVER be apart.