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  • Blue has always been my favorite color ever since I can remember. There is just something soothing about the color Blue. The sky is blue, the ocean is balloons are cooooooool. I would be happy if the whole world were painted blue!

  • Mauve is my second favorite color. It compliments certain shades of blue very nicely. In my home, I tend to go for the federal blue and mauve accents. Yup....surround me with blue and mauve and I am one happy woman.

  • Black is a great color. Techincally speaking, I guess black is not really considered a color, but I consider it one anyway. I love black clothes. Black shirts, black shoes. I once went through a black and white phase, in decorating my house. It looked great, but soon enough, I went back to my true love of blue and mauve. it's alittle more homey...but you can't beat your basic black for your wardrobe!

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  • Drawing is a true passion of mine. I have been drawing ever since I can remember. It started out with drawing cartoons from looking at the Sunday funnies. I could duplicate the picture, making it any size and have it be perfectly proportioned. Eventually I taught myself to draw my friends or celebrities, from looking at their photographs. This is my favorite type of picture to draw. I also draw outdoor pictures, such as trees very well. Drawing makes me happy...I LOVE to draw!!!! My favorite drawing utensil is just your regular ol' #2 pencil, like you had to use in school, although i have used charcoals, and colored pencils, too, black and white pictures are my favorite.

  • Crocheting is another passion of mine. I learned how to crochet when my first son was born. Since then, I have made very challenging blankets, sweaters, as well as hats, booties, scarves, gloves and mittens. And all kinds of assorted items, too numerous to list. Crocheting was always an escape of sorts. If i didn't wish to be bothered, I could just say...i'm sorry im counting stitches, and everyone would leave me alone. I have made literaly a hundred blankets and given about 97 of them away to loved ones. Each time i make a blanket for someone, I end up thinking about them the whole time I work on it. So each and every stitch is made with LOVE for the person i'm making it for. And to see the happiness on their faces when they receive it, is reward enough.

  • HTML is my newest passion. As a matter of fact, this page is my practice html page, where I am trying out new codes that I am learning. You know, the fancy little bullets and indents that you see....someday I hope to have a career centering around designing web pages for businesses, hopefully, eventually freelancing because i really don't like working under someone else....i much prefer to be my own BOSS...i'm sure you know what i mean.

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  • Hiking is a great thing to do. I love taking a walk through the woods and seeing nature. Watching the birds, animals and even the yucky insects do their thing. It's very peaceful and spiritual for me. The further removed from other people that the hike is, the better I like it. If i want to see people.....Helloooooooooo...??? i'll go to the mall!

  • Trees...You're probably wondering...."Geeeeeeze, what could she possibly say about trees???" Well, I have two favorite types of trees. The redwoods and the weeping willows. The redwood trees, are big, old, and somehow spiritual and majestic. They command a certain amount of respect. I kind of view them as God's trees, spiritual...a gift. Now, the weeping willow, on the other hand, is more of a fun tree. It's long branches, flowing in the gentle breeze, reminds me of long hair blowing around in the wind. I love long hair...and I love the weeping willow's long, flowing branches.

  • Boating...let's face it people, boating is just plain fun. I have spent soooooooo many weekends out boating, I can't possibly count them. Let's see, what can i say about boating? How about, how coooooool it is when a seal swims by your boat and pops his head out of the water to say hi? Or how good it feels to just jump overboard and take a quick dip in the bay because you are over baked from laying out sunbathing on the deck? Now/B> doesn't that sound simply devine? Not to mention all the good eats and drinks you take with you! Or, the sheer pleasure of docking along some waterfront restaurant for a bite to eat...or going out to an island and having it all to yourself, with no one around but you and the seagulls. Like i said, if i want to see people i'll go to the mall...

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  • Vanilla...boy, i can go on and on about my love for vanilla. I love vanilla everything. Vanilla creme soda, vanilla custard pie, vanilla coffee, vanilla candles....vanilla body wash, vanilla lotion, and most of all...vanilla musk perfume. I can't even begin to tell you how much people love the scent of the vanilla musk perfume. It's true, guys are always telling me how good it smells and asking me what i'm wearing. I suggest you get some, too. Anyway...when i die, if you buried me in a field of vanilla...i'd be one happy dead woman!

  • Cheesecake is like having your very own little slice of heaven. It's my major "weakness" in life. I have the capability of eatting almost a whole New York Style cheesecake in just one sitting. Of course, i feel extremely sick afterward, but while i'm indulging i'm as happy as a pig in shit! Cheesecake is best plain, without the cherries, strawberries or sourcream toppings. You know, plain with the top of it, nice and golden brown from baking. I must eat the bottom and back of the cheesecake first...and save the middle and the point of it for last. Those are the best parts...just pure cheesecake. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy...!

  • Sunny Doodles make a fine snack. They are golden yellow cupcakes, filled with cream. They are delightful little morsels, made by Drake's Cakes. They also make coffee cake jrs., which are scrumptious...I stay away from the devil dogs though...while in theory they look good and sound good, they are always too dry. I tend to stay away from all Drake's Cakes now, as I gained weight from over indulging in them. They didn't sell them where I lived, so when I moved back here, I kind of went slightly overboard with the sunny doodles. I got sick though in the summer, and lost the sunny doodle weight. I try to avoid them, but it's not easy!

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